Deep Vocational Education Strategy Facing The Era Of Society 5.0


  • Mulkan Teguh Sutrisno Akademi Akuntansi Effendiharahap


Society 5.0, Era 5.0, Vocational Education, Skills, Entrepreneurship, Digital


Era Society 5.0 is a term that refers to the development of society which is colored by the wider and deeper use of digital technology. In this era, vocational education has an important role in preparing individuals to face the challenges and opportunities presented by technological advances. By conducting a literature study on the Society 5.0 concept and the analysis process using SWOT analysis, the strategies that need to be carried out in vocational education in facing the Society 5.0 era include; Enhanced digital skills including understanding of software and hardware usage, data analysis, cybersecurity, and application development. Increased adaptation to rapid technological changes such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotics. Increasing understanding of the social impacts of technological developments, including realizing the social implications, ethics, and responsibilities attached to the use of technology. Development of multidisciplinary collaboration capabilities, namely combining knowledge and skills so as to create innovative solutions to complex problems. Development of entrepreneurial skills so that they can become innovators and drivers of change in an increasingly digitally connected society