Revealing Interdisciplinary Trends and Collaborations in Bunga Telang Bibliometric Research Through VOS Viewer Analysis


  • Prasiwi Citra Resmi Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta


Bibliometric analysis, butterfly peas, agricultural and biological sciences, Publish or Perish, VOS Viewer


The purpose of this study is to analyze how the research trends of butterfly pea flowers and collaborations in
various scientific fields are classified along with the trend models that occur. In addition, this study also aims
to determine topics that can be used as research variables in the future. The research method used by the
author is through a bibliometric approach with the initial stage of searching for keywords in the form of
research "butterfly pea flower" through research from publish or perish with the choice of regional
publications using Scopus as the database base within a period of 10 years from 2013 to 2023. The author
conducted screening and filtering of the data and the researcher found 215 articles and obtained 207 articles
related to the theme taken. After this, the authors compiled it using the VOS Viewer metadata program to
visualize ongoing research trends and have research opportunities in the future. The results of this study
showed and found that data analysis related to butterfly pea flowers was divided into 11 clusters with topics
centered on agricultural and biological sciences with a proportion of 28% of the total interdisciplinary
collaborative research. This research is limited to variations of the butterfly pea model from the research
articles reviewed. It turns out that butterfly pea flowers are still rarely found in research journals, especially
collaborations with the scientific field of tourism and tourism product innovation which of course includes
the tourism trend of Wellness Tourism and the use of innovative butterfly pea processed products.