Entrepreneurship Education Model Based on Religious Values (Case Study on Students in Central Java)


  • Irwan Christanto Edy ITBK Bukit Pengharapan Tawangmangu
  • Setyani Sri Haryanti Universitas Dharma AUB Surakarta


Model, Entrepreneurship Education, Character, Religious, Millennial


The research aims to build a character-based entrepreneurial model for the millennial generation which is generation Y in Indonesia by studying students at universities. This research is expected to increase knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial behavior for the millennial generation who are students by prioritizing the development of religious character. The study used three factors, namely (1) religious-based character education, (2) entrepreneurship education, (3) religious character-based entrepreneurship education. Research methods are observation, exploration.The study population is the millennial generation which is dominated by students at universities. The research sample is a group of students domiciled in Central Java province.Data collection is carried out by surveys, field observations, interviews, questionnaires both open and closed, documentation and followed by evaluation. The results showed that the character-based entrepreneurship education model in vocational high schools (SMK) can be applied and developed for character-based entrepreneurship education models in higher education. The research outputs are (1) entrepreneurship education models, (2) accredited international/national publications, (3) the compilation of entrepreneurship education modules based on religious characters in universities